One of the first enterprises passed US UL2272 certification

  • Lead The Industry
  • Product Advantages
  • Quality Assurance
  • 1Earliest electric hoverboard manufacturer in China
  • 2One of the hoverboard manufacturers with the largest production scale in China
  • 3America UL2272 safety certified hoverboard manufacturer and UL Official committee members
  • 4Member of Guangdong electric vehicle chamber of commerce
  • 5With CHIC & Solowheel patent licensing
  • 1Mechanical self balancing technology is used in all Tomoloo hoverboards, which is a unique technology on the market
  • 2products are novel and unique in appearance leading the trend with strong vitality and cultural connotation
  • 3Strategic cooperate with top international program providers, offering new products continuously every year
  • 4From material selection to product structure, we take safety as top priority
  • 5High efficiency R&D team, prompt new products development
  • 1The core components are provided by well-known suppliers both at home and abroad, and we cooperate as strategic partnership
  • 2Own the world s leading self balancing invention patent, and multiple design patents and utility patents
  • 3UL2272, CE, RoHS, REACH, all Global authority certified
  • 4ISO9001、Wal-Mart( FCCA & SCS)、BSCI approved