Outdoor Security Lighting Fixtures & Exterior LED Lights

The best outdoor security lighting systems don’t just illuminate your property after dark, they also increase the safety of your commercial building or property. At Warehouse Lighting, we offer a wide range of building LED security lights and outdoor motion sensor and flood lights and will help you find the right one for your application or setting. All of the options we offer for outdoor security lights are high-quality products manufactured with the highest standards. Since these fixtures are intended for outdoor use, they carry the necessary ratings for exterior applications which adds to their longevity. From the durability of the housings and lenses to the overall performance of the fixture in terms of lumens and light spread, every option is sure to please. Best of all, these outdoor security lights use LED technology which offers some of the highest lumens produced for a lower wattage of energy consumed so you get the best of efficiency and illumination in one affordable solution. Order LED outdoor security lighting today and find the right exterior security lighting solution for your needs.

Commercial Outdoor Security Lighting Fixtures & Exterior Lights

Knowing the different choices of LED outdoor security lighting will help you create a lighting plan that adds curb appeal, creates a consistent look, and provides added safety and security. Choosing the right type of exterior security lighting will help illuminate the different areas outside of your home or business and provide visibility and extra safety where you really need it. This guide shows you how to buy outdoor security lighting fixtures that have the best features, applications, and uses while designed with the latest LED technology. You can browse and shop all outdoor security lights here.

Flood Lights

Outdoor LED flood lights offer high powered lighting meant to light a wide scope such as a parking lot. They come in several options to help you get the right light spread and scope for the size of the space.

Best uses: Outside of Buildings and Sports Fields, Rooftops, Walkways, Streets, Parking Lots

Wall Pack Lights

Commercial LED wall pack lights are made to add extra lighting to a range of areas. This type of security lighting can be placed on walls, above doors, and in other harder to light areas to provide ample illumination for commercial and safety reasons.

Best uses: Building Perimeter Lighting, Parking Garages, Apartment Buildings, Walkways

Landscape Lights

Landscape and Exterior LED Accent Lighting is efficient and offers uniform lighting to a property. LED landscape lighting offers many benefits and can be used anywhere to illuminate different features around a house or building.

Best uses: Trees, Shrubs, Statues, Pathways, Stairways, Gardens, Patios, Walls, Gazebos

Parking Lot Lights

Ideal for all sorts of businesses, LED parking lot lights are designed to provide bright, pleasing illumination where your location needs it most.

Street Lights

These high powered LED lighting meant to light roadways provide the best outdoor security. Available in several options and styles to help you get the right light spread and scope for the size of the space.

Post Top Lights

A slender fixture type with ample light spread thanks to the architectural design, these fixtures are used in a range of spaces from alleyways to loading docks. They are a great choice for adding supplemental lighting to an area that is harder to light.

Stairway Lights

LED Stair lights can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications to provide ambiance as well as safety and security to stairs and stairwells. Stairway lighting fixtures are easy to install and maintain while the LED lamps offer consistent color rendering for directional signs or other informational elements.

Best uses: Parking Garages, Schools, Office Buildings, Patios, Walkways, Terraces

LED Canopy Lights

A versatile form of security lighting for outdoor areas, canopy lights are available in different shapes, sizes, and lumens. These light units can withstand harsh weather conditions and are backed by lengthy warranties. Easily upgrade your traditional HID and MH fixtures.

Best uses: Bus Depots, Gas Stations, Parking Garages, Automotive Shops, Decks, Porches, Carports

Automatic Sensors and Motion Sensor Security Lighting

Made to offer impressive durability for tougher locations, these automatic security lights are made for areas that don’t need continuous illumination. Controls allow you to create custom lighting solutions and adjust the lights in a space remotely.

Best uses: Porch, Decks, Patio, Entrances, Windows, Pathways

Dusk to Dawn Lights

Made to offer extra security, these lights are used in commercial businesses to provide light during the night. They come in several mount options and styles to accommodate your needs.

Best uses: Parking Garage, Barns, Retail Store, Grocery Store, Alleys, Construction Areas, Parking Lots, Driveways, Service Roads

Coastal Wildlife Lighting

This type of certified FWC approved lighting gives off a safe illumination in an amber color to avoid disturbing sea turtles as they nest. These lights are a must-have item if your location is near the water to help protect the wildlife and are required in many coastal communities.

Best uses: Beach Front Homes and Businesses, Parking Garages, Zoos

Sign Lighting

Commercial outdoor sign lighting is made to illuminate exterior signs. Commercial sign lighting fixtures are typically an arm mount with a direct light powered by an LED lamp to draw attention to the sign. While gooseneck is the most common, there are other types available as well.

Best uses: Retail Store, Restaurant, Billboard, Office Building, Shopping Mall, Drive-Thru

Frequently Asked Questions About Outdoor Lighting

Different outdoor spaces will need personalized types of security lighting. With so many options to choose from when finding the best outdoor security light fixtures, we wanted to keep it simple and help you better understand the different styles, LED lamp options, and common places where they are used. Our list of frequently asked questions will help guide you and answer questions you have concerning outdoor security lighting, installation, and safety. Read on to learn more or reach out with any other questions you have.

What is Outdoor Security Lighting?

LED outdoor security lighting fixtures are specialized lights used in industrial, commercial and residential outdoor settings to illuminate areas with light for safety and security. Typically combined with sensors that turn lights on and off, outdoor security lights are used in a range of applications including: flood lights, wall lights, parking lot lights, post lights, street lights and dusk to dawn lights.

Types of Outdoor Security Lights

Where should outdoor security lights be placed?

The purpose of outdoor security lighting is to look good and blend in with the aesthetics of an industrial, commercial and residential outdoor setting to illuminate areas at nighttime and provide lighting for tasks, decoration or ambiance. Security lighting helps people navigate safely around the perimeter, and discourage trespassers. Security lights help to illuminate barriers, objects, and faces for facial recognition security cameras. Anticipating potential threats will help you design an outdoor lighting plan that will help enhance the safety of your property.

How to Choose Outdoor Lighting and Light Fixtures?

Outdoor lighting is commonly used in industrial, commercial and residential outdoor settings that are required to illuminate areas at nighttime, provide adequate lighting for tasks, decoration or ambiance. Outdoor LED light fixtures are available in a variety of applications including: Post top lights, cylindrical wall lights, canopy lights, stairway lights, sign lights, landscape lights are all examples of common outdoor lights used for a specific purpose. Here are some examples of where outdoor lighting is commonly used:

You should note that any of the lights can be purposed for indoor or outdoor usage with commercial LED lighting rapidly becoming the predominant form of illumination.

How do I choose an LED Wall Pack?

Exterior lighting is more than a beacon of light leading to a door or roadway. Choosing the right LED wall packs will help you light only the areas you need around loading docks and loading bays keeping those areas safe and secure. LED wall-mounted fixtures come in different styles. Choose from full cutoff, partial cutoff, and no cutoff wall-mounted light fixtures. You can also retrofit your existing exterior wall light with an LED corn bulb with one of our retrofit kits. Avoid confusion and contact our sales staff to help you choose the right LED wall pack. With the right appearance and effect at night will help customers and staff feel safe and secure.

How to Choose Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion-activated outdoor security lights may not be worth the investment if you already have dawn to dusk lighting installed. The advantage outdoor motion sensor lights provide is the energy savings because the lights are triggered when movement is detected nearby. Outdoor motion sensor lights are best for illuminating a driveway, swimming pool, or in an area to help brighten up a path to a garage or doorway. When choosing the best outdoor motion sensor light design, consider the brightness and range. Quality LED security lights can detect movement up to 70 feet. Other options include solar power and battery backup which are great for dangerous, hard to reach zones. Here are the best outdoor motion sensor security lights available now.

Where Can I Learn More About Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting will help increase the security and safety of your property. Whether you are looking to light up a parking lot, driveway, swimming pool, or an exterior of a building, there are many options for outdoor security lights. The experts at Warehouse Lighting can help you find the right fixture and lumens needed for your commercial property or home. We also offer a large variety of lighting resources, blogs and application suggestions that are available 24/7.

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At Warehouse-Lighting.com, we offer the best selection and prices on top-quality outdoor security lighting products from the industry's leading manufacturers. Our mission is to help you find the solutions that are most relevant to your business and daily operations. If there's any product that you'd like to learn more about, our professional team members will assist you at all levels of the buying process to guarantee you're fully satisfied with your purchase. Order your security lights or outdoor LED lighting products today.

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