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LED Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures

LED Parking Lot Lights: How To Get The Lighting You Need!

When you set out to improve safety for your employees, customers and neighbors, your parking lot is one of the first places to consider. Your parking lot is also a major part of both the first and lasting impressions your property makes on the public. A poorly lit, potholed lot sends all the wrong messages. As you can imagine, a poorly lit parking lot is also what insurance experts call “a claim waiting to happen” — and that claim could be a liability claims against you and your business!

But a  clean, well lit, well maintained parking facility is a neighborhood asset.  Investing in making your lot stand out for safety and attractiveness just makes good business sense.

Complimented by smart commercial and outdoor fixtures, Warehouse Lighting has a wide variety of LED parking lot and shoebox lighting solutions, light poles, and LED retrofit kits to help you elevate your parking lot into one of the major assets of your property or your business — and help you stand out in the neighborhood around you.

Warehouse Lighting: Answers For Your Parking Lot Specific Questions

One of the best things about buying from Warehouse Lighting is working with people who have the specialized knowledge you need to get the job done right. Our experts can share information specific to your needs and environment, and we’re especially knowledgable about LED parking lot fixtures, which are quickly becoming standard equipment, due to their power and efficiency. 

We know, you’ll have questions: How much does it cost to replace my parking lot lights? Should I retrofit my parking lot lights with LED’s? What size lights do I need for my parking lot? How do I properly space and point my parking lot lights? How many lights are needed for my parking lot?  …We’ll do everything we can to get you the answers and products that are a perfect fit for you and your facility.

To get you started, we wanted to offer up this brief LED Parking Lot Lighting Buying Guide — which offers some good advice and suggestions that will apply in many situations.

Let’s start our Buying Guide discussion with job number one: Security.

Security LED Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Available with one, two, or three heads, our selection of security lights gives you great options for providing illumination over a broad area. Multiple heads enable you to direct light as needed — and all of these models are dimmable. You'll find these units pack a lot of power: they’re bright, rugged, and very reliable. 

Here are some of the best selling Security LED Lights in our inventory:

Pro Tip: Choosing for “Light Uniformity

Parking lot lighting is all about light distribution — and there’s a specific measure for that: it’s called light uniformity. As you might guess, uniformity refers to the ability for a light fixture to illuminate an area at the same level of brightness throughout its range. This is a crucial measure for areas like parking lots, where high visibility is required. For most parking lots, you’ll want to aim for a uniformity ratio around 3:1.  Our experts can help make sure your selections have the uniformity rating appropriate for your needs.  

Outdoor Wall Parking Lot Lights

Outdoor wall lights are another key parking lot light fixture that will play a role in your overall lighting plan. After all, you don’t want to have a perfectly illuminated lot, and then have the lighting get sketchy as people approach your building! That’s why outdoor wall lights are deployed for parking garage and building perimeter applications. They also help make your designated walkways and entrances clearly visible, keeping your structures, landscaping, and patrons safe. Typically made of die-cast aluminum, wall pack lights are made to withstand stand even the most demanding weather conditions. 

Don't miss out on these exceptional options for complimentary wall lights:

Pro Tip: Efficiency And Durability Matters



When shopping for outdoor lights, you'll typically find that better features and durability come with a slightly higher price tag. We’re all tempted to just search for the lowest cost product and make our purchases — but the likelihood is, with parking lot lighting, you’ll be making that purchase again soon. To be truly cost-efficient, take a hard look at both the durability and energy efficiency of the lighting you choose.   High-quality, commercial-grade parking lot lighting is an investment that will pay long-term dividends for your team and your business. 

The good news is, there are many ways to save — even with the best equipment. Light pole “bullhorns” are one smart way to do just that.

Parking Lot Light Pole Bullhorns

Light Pole Bullhorns look just like their name suggests, and those horns act as extenders — enabling parking lot pole lighting to reach much farther from a single location. (This makes your lot cleaner and easier to park in too.) Unlike the horns on actual bulls, we offer options for more than two points: 3 and 4 fixture options will enable you to light up the whole lot.



Take a look at this selection of our reach-extending bullhorn options:



Pro Tip: Consider the Fixture Mounts and Tenons

To ensure you get the right option for your light poles, pay attention to the fixture mounts and tenons. Warehouse Lighting carries parking lot light pole bullhorns in most standard applications, like "Y" and "X" configurations. The amount of light you need and the direction the light will fall should help you narrow down your choices. 

LED Parking Lot Light Retrofits

Many buildings and parking lots were outfitted long before LEDs became the standard, but that doesn't mean you can't switch them over to LED parking lot lights. Retrofitting, or “relighting,” allows you to update quickly with our LED parking lot light retrofits, and get brighter, longer-lasting light your business can count on. 

If you’ve been planning to make the switch to LED’s, these popular refit kits can help:



Pro Tip: Our Retrofit Kits Aren't Just For Parking Lots



You can certainly benefit from using one of our LED parking lot light retrofit kits in your company's parking lot. But please bear in mind that the LED benefits don’t end there. LED’s are also outstanding for lighting driveways, highways, streets, pathways and service roads. 



Find the Best LED Parking Lot Lights & Accessories at Warehouse Lighting

Whether your business needs an LED retrofit, modernized parking lot lighting, or a specific type of replacement parking lot light pole, at Warehouse Lighting, our mission is to get you everything you need. We’re here to help you find parking lot light solutions that enhance your property’s values and keep everyone safe and sound. If you haven’t found what you need above, feel free to browse our LED flood lights, commercial light polesstreet light fixtures, and light pole combination packages. If you don’t see what you need, call one of our representatives today and we’ll be more than happy to help you find what you need. The lights are on here, and we’re ready to serve!



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